Next Membership Meeting – April 10

Networking & Luncheon

April 10th  11:30am – 1:00pm

@ GACAR Offices

1750 NW 80th Boulevard

Dinner will be provided, $15 for members, $10 for guests

Please RSVP by Friday April 6th to

Paula Nicks, Owner of Florida Crotch Wood Inc. has agreed to speak.  Florida Crotch Wood is a custom cutting mobile sawmill.  Paul says, “I don’t cut boards. I cut BIG slabs, 60 inches wide x 20 ft. long.  I will bring a power point presentation that will show what can be done with downed city scape and yard trees. All of these trees were headed for the dump or land fill . I will show the trees when we cut them, then show the finished products: tables, benches, bars, cabinets, bowls and sculptures.  Through Q and A I’ll show how The Viable Lumber idea can work for the Gainesville area.  You can go to for a sneak preview.  Hope this helps, and thanks for letting me share.”

Next Membership Meeting – February 14th

Networking & Luncheon

February 14th  11:30am – 1:00pm

@ GACAR Offices

1750 NW 80th Boulevard

Dinner will be provided, $15 for members, $10 for guests

Please RSVP by Monday February 13th to

Our speaker will be Rachel Meek, Business Efficiency Program Coordinator with GRU to speak with us about renewable energy – looking at it from construction, our community etc.

 Block Kids Event – February 17th

Our Chapter will be hosting this year’s event at Archer Elementary on February  17,  at 8am. Our teacher will be Christy Thomas with a class made up of 19 2nd and 3rd graders.

We are excited about working with a new group of active minds as they make their construction creation with just l00 Legos.  Our chapter volunteers come away amazed from the experience.  The imagination and creations of these young people are really an experience in itself.

Find out more about Block Kids

March 4 – 10 We’re Celebrating WOMEN IN CONSTRUCTION WEEK

    Events to be Determined

Stay Tuned to see how you can join in the celebration.

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